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Electrical Engineer and Computer Programmer for hire in Victoria, BC, Canada
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Title Page Java C with OpenGL QBASIC PHP

Dylan's Image Page Generating PHP Script:

If you would like to browse a bunch of images hidden on a webpage which are numbered in sequential order without having to navigate all around that site, use this script:
It's also useful for the FlashGet plugin's 'download all' function, which downloads all files linked to by the current page.

The example images are from http://zzz.com.ru/ 's pick of the week, at the bottom of their interesting weekly tech/proto-type/science news articles.)

The first part of the url/filename:
The last part of the name:
Initial number:
Final number: (the diference must be less than 1000)
Leading ZEROs on lower digit numbers?:   (0 = no,   1 = yes,   2 = try both)