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Rotate 4D by Dylan Hoen


This java program requires Netscape Communicator 4.79 complete install, or Sun's official java plug-in. (Internet Explorer uses Microsoft's Version of Java, which isn't the official Java.)

How to use the program

Sometimes the intro screen will go black, just click on it, then press any key on the keyboard.
Use the controls to maneuver around. When you get a shape in your crosshairs it should say some random taunt. Press space bar to shoot it.


Make sure number lock is enabled and caps lock is disabled.
Use the number pad to steer you around:
8 = rotate up
2 = rotate down
4 = rotate left
6 = rotate right
0 and . are roll left and right

arrow keys:
up = fly forwards
down = fly backwards
left = snipe zoom out (increase fov)
right = snipe zoom in (decrease fov)

press space bar to shoot

press h for help

Advanced controls:

o = toggle 3d and 4D cubes between wire frame and polygon modes
t = toggle between mono and cross-eyed stereo, and 3d glasses stereo modes
c = toggle colors between multicolored mode and uniform color mode
p = rotate the color pallet for the single colored mode (for aligning the color of the objects to your 3d glasses)

4D controls - works on the 4D cubes, does weird things to the 3d shapes though. I call the 4D axis A.

q,w = a-x rotation a,s = a-y rotation z,x = a-z rotation - the weirdest.

If you have Netscape Communicator 4.79, click on the following links for the appropriate resolution:

1280*960 . 1024*768 . 640*480

Or click here to download it to run it localy, or view the source code.