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October 2012:

August 2009:

At the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, heading back from a Road Trip to Whistler and White Water Rafting near Lyton

Sunset at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, heading back from a Road Trip to Whistler and white water rafting near Lyton.

April 2009:

Camping near Koksilah River

Camping near Koksilah River.

April 2007:

Albert Head Lagoon Beach Fire

Graduation picture from UVic engineering.

May 2004:

Albert Head Lagoon Beach Fire

Albert Head Lagoon Beach Fire.
It was a nice warm shorts and tee-shirt weather night in May signifying the start of what will hopefully be a camping trip filled summer semester.

December 2003:

Drinking at Dustin's Res

Celebrating at Dustin's cluster building at UVic after our last final exam of the year.

August 2001:


This is a pic of me, (left) and my friends: Kai, Ben, and James, and my car packed with camping equipment just before our road trip. The trees in the background to the right are part of the Swan Lake nature sanctuary, across the street from my house. It was foggy and rainy that morning, but aside from a 2 hour long, 30 degree Celsius, 100km/h wind lightning storm in Penticton, the rest of the trip was bright and sunny. We visited Vancouver, the PNE, Shewshwop Lake, the hot springs near Banff, Calgary, Drum Heller Dinosaur Museum (& Canada's Grand Canyon), West Edmonton Mall, Nelson, Ossoyous (40 degrees Celsius outside), Penticton (where we spent most of our time), and the Hope landslide. The most enjoyable part was Penticton, partly because we could finally relax for a couple of days as it was our last main destination and we planned it so we had time to relax there. We did the whole trip in 9 days because my friends needed to get back to Victoria to take care of some stuff.

Drum Heller Dinosaur Museum

Me at the Drum Heller Dinosaur Museum while tyrannosaurus sneaks up behind me.

September 1998:

grade 11 school pic

This is my grade 11 school pic at Mount Doug. My grade 12 one didn't turn out very well.